Volvo FH13 460 ES + Wielton Trailer Rework – 1.49

Two Globetrotter XL cabs II-III Generations
One tandem chassis
Its wheels are included (6 options for front wheels, 2 options for rear wheels. 3 tire options)
Full new exterior and interior animation
Flashing beacon.
Road train sign.
Lightbar on the roof 4 options.
Lightbox, 20 options (4K template included)
Additional headlights on the visor.
Visor, paint/plastic.
Front mirror.
Ability to remove or put nameplates on the hood.
Signs on the hood, 6 options.
Grille on the cab, paint / plastic.
FH16 moldings.
Country stickers, 15 options.
Bumper lightbars, 3 options
Lower grille, 4 options.
Number, it is possible to remove or leave only the frame, as well as make your own number.
Mud flaps / splash guards on the bumper.
Protection of the bumper.
Bumper, 4 options.
Headlight protection.
Two options for optics.
Mirrors, 2 options.
Door handles, 4 options.
Front fenders, 2 options.
5 options for choosing the glass frame and mirror brackets.
Horns to the roof.
Possibility to paint the air intake.
Included Wielton tandem trailer.
Included big own skinpack by best artists: A.Mikhaylov, N.Makin, Bogdan_UK.

Added a lot of interior tuning accessories.
Additional Spoler.
Additional flashlights.

For v1.49

Nikola & Trucker

Nikola & Trucker

Download Link: Download mod

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