PRO BD MAP V8.5 1.36-1.39



Pro BD Map is updating and getting more realistic day by day. A lot of changes were made in this update. A lot of thanks goes to Sultan Mahmud. He is the artist and author of the map.
***Note: [ Profile is inside the Zip file.]
Map Type : Standalone
Supported Version : 1.36-39
DLC Required : DLC East, North, France, Baltic sea & Road to balck sea.

Major Updates:
01. Cox- mearin-drive rebuild.
02. Cox-teknaf link road re-detail.
03. Bridge fix in n1
04. Dhaka-kuyakata road re-detail.
05. Mymensingh highway tune.
06. Padma Bridge added.
07. Jamuna bridge area re-detail.
08. Dhaka city slight tuneup
09. Barishal city change.

Minor Updates :
01. Traffic speed changes in city 70 others area 100-140
02. Traffic density ratio changes.
03. Traffic AI tendency and more aggressive.
04. Traffic mini truck and cargo added from H.M. Faisal Islam
05. City lag fix in Several area. Few old model remove.
06. Support for 1.38-1.39

Othes Update:
01. Texture fix, invisible wall fix in various area.
02. Floating model fix in various area.
03. And several bug fixesChange log is given below.


Sultan Mahmud

Pro BD Map V8.5 (1.36-1.39).zip – 2.8 GB

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