Radar Detector v1.3 for ETS2

Radar Detector v1.3 for Ets2 1.26.x game version
-Mod added radar detector (when approaching the speed camera voice alerts
on the radar). Operates on a standard map, maps Scandinavia,Going East,Vive La France,
on the map RusMap v1.7.1.,and the map v Southern Region.6.0.0
-Radar added to the accessories.
Tested on 1.26.3 game version

Installation order:
-Set the folder of the mod archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3.scs;
-Set the folder of the mod archive RusMap_v1.7.1.scs, I agree with the replacement of files;
-Set the folder of the mod archive SRmap_[Def and Map].scs, I agree with the replacement files.
-If you want an alert female voice, instead of archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3.scs installed
archive RADAR-DETECTOR v1.3 female voice.scs

Schumi, Zeddd

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Orginal Link: Download mod


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