RJL SCANIA T & T 4-SERIES 22.05.2021 1.40


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This is the official and authorized continuation of the RJL Scania T & T4 Mod mod.

The mod adds the Scania T and T 4-series trucks to ETS2. Contains multiple different chassis, cabin, engine and transmission options in addition to a wide array of customization options.

Fully standalone mod, it doesn’t replace anything. You can find the truck from the Scania dealer.

Content List:

Normal, Highline, Topline, Extended Topline and Longline cabins.

4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×2*4, 6×4, 8×2/*6, 8×4/4, 8×4*4, 10×4/6, 10×4*6 and 10×6/4 chassis

Scania T1 and T2 interiors.

Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines.

8-, 9-, 12- and 14- speed gearboxes with 2.71, 3.08, 3.42 and 3.80 rear differentials

Wide range of T1, T2 and Streamline parts

Plastic and paintable chassis + a lot of Scania stock parts

Many custom and tuning parts

Compatible with Cabin Accessories, National Window Flags and Mighty Griffin DLCs (separate compatibility addons required)

And something more…


rjl_scania_t_t_4_series.scs (103.4 MB) modsbase.com/sharemods.com


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