SCANIA 113H TORPEDO V2.1 1.39-1

SCANIA 113H TORPEDO V2.1 1.39-2

Changelog v2.1
Update sound for 1.39

• Steering Wheel Options: (113H Originals)
• Improvements in: Flashlight, Lighthouse, Flashing arrows and D. Now everyone reflects on the floor.
• Carpet options.
• Camera can be turned at the back of the cabin.
• SCANIA 113H Engine Options:
320, 360, 440, 620 and 750 Chipado.
• SCANIA 113 H Sound Options:
Original and normal V8.
Original and V8 with Turbine Comb.
• Tank options, round, square, painted or chrome.
• Various color options on the cabin wall and ceiling.
• Options for Armchairs and Bed Bank.
• Cylinder tubes: Original black, chrome, single or double.
• Battery Box: Chrome, original black or painted.
• 3 options for lockers.
• Options for you to leave the interior customized to your taste, example:
Carpool seat, bed, peaker, curtains, TV, etc …
• 3D made from scratc and for new improved version.
• 3 – Exhaust options.
• New 4×2 fenders customized and chrome.
• New original and customized bumpers.
• Front grille: Painted, normal matte or chrome.
• 3 – Chassis options: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 original or lowered:
4×2 lowered and 6x2lowered.
• Light in the cabin:
Orange, Marajoara Blue or White.

Fabio Contier – 64.1 MB


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