SCANIA L6 & V8 OPEN PIPE V3.5 1.44


Scania L6 & V8 Open pipe with FKM Garage exhaust system (Version 3.5 Released with 3 stages exhaust system)


Version 3.5 Changelog:

-Included 4 Series sound

-New exhaust samples for JBS kit and primary sound

-3 stages exhaust valve system included (sidepipe, stock, stacks)

-Over all improvements

How to use 3 stages exhaust valve system:

1. Hold light horn button for 1 second (and not later that 1.5 second)

2. press J again but do not hold, and now the tone should be changed

3. To change the tone back just repeat the same process

Jerry – 13.62 MB


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  1. Sinan2022TR says:

    Selam eskiden tüm bazı millet gençler hep modlar hakkında yorumlar cevaplar yazardı şimdi ise hiç kimse yorum yapmiyorlar nedense neden hiç kimse yorum yapmiyorlar anlamiyom eskiden yorum cevap yaparlardı şuanda yapanları olmuyor…..?))

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