Version 1.7:

– added 8 different huckepack chassis (4 Express/4 Cool)

– added bodies with left sidedoors to the Express (4m, 4,15m, 4,30m)

– added bodies with sidedoors on both sides to the Express (4m, 4,15m, 4,30m)

– added Express reefer bodies with left sidedoors (4m, 4,15m, 4,30m) (Carrier Vector only)

– added Express reefer bodies with sidedoors on both sides (4m, 4,15m, 4,30m) (Carrier Vector only)

– added frontwalls without plastic corners (4m,4,15m, 4,30m)

– added S.KO Express low bumper

– added new style hose frame to the Cool body

– resized rear door frame to real dimensions

– added metal framed hose stand to the Express body

– added 39 new sideskirt variants with integrated Sauermann toolboxes

– added Hella 2SD LED fog light

– added Hella 2SD Halogen

– added Hella 2SD LED

– added Hella 2XS sidelights

– added round orange sidelights

– added Hella 2XS sidelights to Europoint 2, Europoint 3 and Vignal LC15

– added new type of reflective plates

– separated hose stands

– added palletbox to 2 axle chassis

– added additional slots to the slots only option for the big bumper

– rebuilt big and small bumpers moved bumper slots from lights to the bumper itself

– rebuilt Hella Doubleburner

– rebuilt ladder covers and added slots to them

– rebuilt ferry hooks at the legs and added a paintable variant

– rebuilt locks on the sidedoor bodies

– fixed UI shadows

– fixed missing part on painted Carrier units

– fixed reefer units for 4.30m bodies

– adapted chassis to 1.43

– added Huckepack and Express with reefer to the trailer dealer as pre configurated trailers

Base mod: obelihnio
Rework & additions: JUseeTV
Skins: JUseeTV, TvKleunen, ja_scholz, Eddie Vegas & Dissi
Testing: Arnook, Dave303, DaStrobel, Csabee, TvKleunen, Mihkel, Marmeladenheinz, Daniminho
Providing knowledge, photos & textures: flignitz, Jan, Daniminho, Written Example, HR1509, Sam, MrCapital, kast, Schmitz Cargobull AG

_JUSEETV_Schmitz_SKO_obelihnio.rar (481.7 MB)


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