Version 1.4:

– Rebuilt all chassis variants and added 76 new full beam options and a new intermodal option with integrated bumper. There are now 152 options

– Added new body heights: 4.15m and 4.30m for all existing combinations

– Added dryvan option to all bodies available, there are now 30 options

– Added intermodal sidemarkers

– Added new style Schmitz corner logo in combination with the lower logos

– Added dynamic flares to the Vignal taillights

– Added new palletbox for the fullbeam option

– Added new palletbox to the rear

– Added intermodal hooks to the front legs

– Added fire extingusher to the front legs

– Added reflective plates to rollgate

– Seperated frontwall from the main body (needs to be repurchased in the upgrade shop)

– Added dryvan frontwall

– Rebuilt the air and electricity connectors at the front and added lightswitch next to them

– Rebuilt the top corner logos

– Reworked Frigoblock reefer

– Added Schmitz S.CU cooling unit in stock and paint option

– Added Thermo King SLX400 cooling unit in stock and paint option

– Added Carrier Vector with old logo in stock and paint option

– Added Carrier Vector with old logo and black parts in stock and paint option

– Added protection cage for all cooling units

– Added various stickers/instructions around the trailer

– Added plating and logo to the big Dhollandia taillift

– Rebuilt the stoppers at the rear

– Added ladder to the rear with cover and without

– Added Dryvan doors (only for dryvan body)

– Added reflective tape for Dryvan doors

– Added rear stoppers for Dryvan doors

– Added rear stopper tube for insulated doors

– Added reflective plates to the roll gate

– Added and remade various stickers around the trailer

– Added 20 new skins

Base mod: obelihnio
Rework & additions: JUseeTV
Skins: JUseeTV, TvKleunen, ja_scholz & Dissi
Testing: a few good friends
Providing knowledge, photos & textures: flignitz, Jan, Daniminho, Written Example, HR1509 & Sam

_JUSEETV_Schmitz_SKO_obelihnio.scs (260.0 MB)


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