Changelog V 1.3:
– Added body with foldable doors on the left side and with doors on both sides (including fitting reflector stripes)
– Added 5 new types of chassis: three axle with steered last axle, three axle with 20 cm set-back, three axle with steered last axle and 20 cm set-back, added two axle option and two axle option with steered last axle
– Added sideskirts to the 2 axle chassis variant
– Added smaller 20cm sideskirt for the set-back variant
– Added a new chassis variant to all six different chassis types with bumper set 15 cm to the front for intermodal/ferry spec
– Added Thermo King Advancer 360, 400, 500 in stock and paint
– Rebuilt Carrier Vector 1550 and added a painted variant
– Rebuilt Thermo King SLX 400 and added a painted variant
– Added an option to add solar cells to the cooling units
– Added new style Schmitz logo option to the front corner
– Rebuilt all fenders and added more variants to the different chassis options
– Rebuilt mudflaps on the fenders and added a variant from Refrigerated Trailer Rental (RTR)
– Added two different options of mudflaps to the taillift variants, one at the lift and one right behind the last axle (only available on stock three axle chassis)
– Added the possibility to add a side door to the right side of the body
– Added contaminated water tank to the rear, also in combination with different toolboxes
– Added rear marker option with built in indicators
– Added an option for side reflectors to the pallet box at the front
– Added a new Dhollandia lift option for the taillift chassis variant in three different variants
– Rebuilt control panel on the foldable Dhollandia lift
– Fixed the lightmask on the Europoint 3 lights
– Added dynamic indicators to the Vignale taillights
– Added 10 new skins, having a total of 80 skin options now
– Reworked some skins

Base mod: obelihnio
Rework & additions: JUseeTV
Skins: JUseeTV and TvKleunen
Testing: a few good friends

_JUSEETV_Schmitz_SKO_obelihnio.scs (165.9 MB)


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