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  1. Aslann says:

    Hello! I really appreciate you and this mode! Could I reskin and distribute this mod with designating you as a copywriter?!

  2. Alessandro says:

    Thank you for your skin.
    But I want to ask to you an info about if is possible.
    I think you made it with Mods Studio 2 that I already used to make any skin for ETS2.
    But if I open Mods Studio 2, I can find only the “Box Trailer” and the “Food Tanker” options but I can’t find the “Dumper” option.
    Am I wrong something or you added the template and xml file to Mods Studio 2 to make the Dumper skin ?
    I have already the Dumper templates and at last, I found a method to edit your skin to realize my own dumper but is not easy to do as use Mods Studio 2.
    Any info about it…can you tell me something about ?
    Thank you in advance and have a nice evening.

  3. R F says:

    Thank You, You fix my problem. ^^

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