SETRA 531 DT 2018 V1.0

* Road Computer Really Added.
* Cama Wipers Added.
* New Voices Added.
* Metallic Paint Support
* Light Mask was done.
* Alcao Rims
* Color Alcao Rims
* 5 Skin
* in Physics
* Original Interior
* Animated Indicators
* New Phosphorus Parts Added.
* New Parts Added.
* Rearing Added.
* Plate Attached.
* Cabin DLC Added.
* When the first starter is received, the needle is ending, such an animation is added.

Model: Can SKMN
Editing And Parts: Can SKMN
Signal Sound: Yavuz Selim Mağdala
Skin Logo And Package: Abdullah Zengin
Credits: Comodore(alperen39)

Setra531DTEuro62018.rar – 59.2 MB


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