SISU R & C-SERIES V22.6.13 1.44


cover_sisu-r-c-series-v22613-144 (1)


From v22.1.25 to v22.6.13

Updated the mod for game version 1.44

Updated all animated models to file version 5

Added part_type attribute to all accessory data units

Added steerable_lifted_axles attribute to all 8x chassis data units

The mod adds Sisu R500, C500 and C600 trucks to the game.



2 cabins

6 chassis

2 positions of the saddle

8 Engine options

Realistic engine sounds from Kriechbaum

8 Transmissions options

Many options for tuning and accessories

Two levels of interior trim

Animated internal buttons and switches

Support skins

Compatibility with DLC Cabin Accessories

Compatibility with DLC National Window Flags

Advanced coupling

Opening windows

Individual noise reduction in the cabin

Support for convey mode

For the game version 1.44.x

Loadersaints, RJL

Sisu_R_C-series.scs (50.3 MB)


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  1. Sinan053TR says:

    Arkadaşlar böyle Sisu Kamaz gibi tırları kamyonları ets 2,ye neden güncelleme ile oyuna eklemezler bunlar varken dururken bunlarda sonuçda bir çekici tır sayılır scs bunlarıda oyuna eklemesi lazım araan aylar yıllar geçti daha oyuna çekici tır eklemiyorlar artık

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