TUNISIA MAP V1.0 FIXED 1.40 & 1.41


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Tunisia Map is a standalone 1:1 real scale.

I would like provide realistic places and environement.

Map Features:

1. Not less than 75% realistic environement.

2. Over 55kms roads through the map.

3. 11 companies.

4. Realistic cities like Tunis, Denden, Mornaguia, Ben Arous, Rades,…

5. Hundreds of custom models.


You must own these 6 map DLCs, otherwise the mod will not work!

– Going Est

– Scandinavia

– Vive la France

– Italia

– Beyond the Baltic Sea

– Road to the Black Sea

How to install:

Place the TunisiaMap.scs file into your mod folder.

If you play for the first time :

1. Create a new profile

2. Activate the mod in your mod manager (on top left)

3. Select “TunisiaMap.mbd” module instead of “Europe” before starting

the game.

4. Start the game !

Oidih Kedidi

Tunisia_Map_1.0_For_ETS2_1.40___1.41___40_updated_… (527.0 MB) modsbase.com/sharemods.com

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