VOLGAMAP V1.2 1.38


VolgaMap v1.2
Game version: 1.38
Compatibility with other maps: RusMap, Southern Region, ProMods, Great Steppe
Cities: Togliatti, Zhigulevsk, Syzran, Volsk, Sennoy.
Own companies and trailers.
Many of their objects.
Required DLCs: “Going East”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive La France”, “Italia”, “Beyond the Baltic Sea”, “Road to the Black Sea”
RusMap 2.2.1 is required to work

-Map is completely redone for 1/19 scale
-Replaced vegetation, signs and roadbed
-Redesigned and expanded cities: Togliatti, Zhigulevsk, Syzran, Volsk, Sennoy
-New companies and loading locations
-Error correction

1. Download and unpack VolgaMap_1.2.
2. Place all three unpacked SCS files in the My Documents / Euro Truck Simulator 2 / mod folder.
3. In the mod manager, connect all three files below the files

For correct alignment with Southern Region and Great Steppe maps, the priority in the mod manager can be as follows:
-RusMap_the Great Steppe_roadconnection
-RusMap Map Package
-RusMap Def Package
-RusMap Model Package
-RusMap Model 2 Package
-The Great Steppe – map
-The Great Steppe – def
-The Great Steppe – model
-The Great Steppe – model2
-VolgaMap map
-VolgaMap def
-VolgaMap model
-South Region map [Def and Map]
-Southern Region map [Model1]
-Southern Region map [Model2]

Link 3 RusMap 2.2.1

Alexander Nesterov

VolgaMap_1.2.zip – 774.1 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com

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