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“Volvo F-Series for new versions of ETS2 1.46.x+ and higher”.


Autonomous, does not replace anything, bought from a VOLVO dealer.

4 chassis for coupling semi-trailers and trailers.

2 chassis for hitching a BDF trailer.

6 types of cabins.

Native salon 2 types.

3 wiper modes.

Intense tuning.

There are coiled cables with advanced physics.

There is an animation of cables for trailers and BDF.

Added a tandem trailer to boot (everything is in fashion).

Separately, a BDF dummy for single transport of goods.

Working window animation.

Last changes:

Converting the entire 3D Model and animation, accessories and trailer (SCS Blender Tools)

Added pack of containers with skins of real companies (+RU).

Also separately, a pack of containers for the BDF trailer is registered.

Each container and tandem has its own icon.

Full registration mod for multiplayer and CONVOY mode.

Separate pack of skins for each type of cabin.

A new on-board computer has been integrated into the interior.

Numbers have been redone for Russian regions.

Updated engine and transmission sounds.

Removed known conflict with DAF 95 ATI by XBS author.

Removed known conflict with Tandem trailer from XBS author.

Found and fixed numerous bugs.

Cleaned log up to 100% (percent).

Latest test on ETS2: 1.46.x.

Good luck to all and have a good trip!!!

Attention EVERYONE!!! If the company and its own cargo does not work.

We turn on the game, then the console and enter the following command: g_force_economy_reset 1.

After we enter the game itself and rejoice 🙂

The authors of the modification: @Master_Yoda@ and AJIEHA.
Adapted by @Master_Yoda@ and AJIEHA.
Full conversion of the entire 3D Model and animation: @Master_Yoda@.
The author of the pack of containers with skins: @Master_Yoda@.
Changes as of 03/07/23: by @Master_Yoda@.

Volvo_F_Series_RGD_BDF_ETS2_1.46_.rar (222.4 MB)

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