VOLVO FH16 2012 REWORKED V3.1.5.1



Changelog v3.1.5.1 from 28.01.21
– Truck height is lowered 40mm (8×4 : 30mm).
– Added lowered Rear Fender Tops (4x and 6x plastic valiant only).
– Fixed CTD problem when changing chassis from 4x, 6x to 8x and from 8x to 4x, 6x.

Changelog v3.1.5.1
Name of some parts is changed.
a_def → Corner Deflector
bumper → Front Bumper
frame → Front Badge Plate
mask → Front Grille Bottom
spoiler → Roof Deflector and Side Deflector
FH16 pillar trims in Front Mask are moved to Window Trims
Glass rear side window in Front Mask are moved to Sidepanels
Headlights → Headlights (Internal parts name is changed)

New parts are added.
Front Cabin Fenders(Include Front Chassis Fender)
Rear Bumper
Rear Fenders
Rear Fenders Top
Window Trims

So, your choice is in two ways.
1. Use commands “g_remove_missing_accessories 1” and purchase new parts.
2. Sell current truck and buy a new one.

This is a remake of a default Volvo FH16 2012 by SCS Software with tons of new stuff added, such as new bumpers, sideskirts, roofbars. New engines and transmissions, reworked chassis, reworked headlights and many more You can make own painjobs using provided template. Custom decals described in decals.txt Truck replaces default Volvo FH 2012, also trucks in quick jobs are modded, both EU and UK Showroom models are new aswell.

Link 3 FH Tuning Pack fix
You need Volvo FH Tuning Pack.
You can activate it anywhere in Mod Manager.
Visual conflict occurs in Rear Exhaust and Exhaust filter.
Use by your decision.

Eugene, Update Mondo.N

volvo_fh_2012_reworked_v3.1.5.1.scs – 106.30 MB
volvo_fh_2012_reworked_v3.1.5.1.scs – 106.3 MB
volvo_fh_2012_reworked_fh_tuning_pack_fix.scs – 73 KB

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