It is a DIN trailer mod for ETS2
Game version: 1.35
Previous trailer version: v1.0
Previous trailer version: v1.1 (added cargoes to almost all companies)
Previous trailer version: v2.0 (7.7.2019)
Current trailer version: v2.1 (14.7.2019)

Model include:
-own cargoes (will be expanded in next version)
-AO (ambient occlusion)
-advanced coupling (can cause trailer connection problems, just turn off advanced coupling in settings)
-liftable axle
-simulated cables
-custom colors for containers (use only one)
-rich tuning mod (will be expanded in next version)

Version v1.1
-added cargoes to almost all companies

Version v2.0
-added 2 axle chassis variant for DIN containers
-added 3 axle chassis for ISO containers
-added new cargoes for ISO container
-12 own skins for ISO container + possibility 5 own skin (difficult write own new skins, please read tutorial in folder ISO containers)
-fixed bug in trailer dealer
-fixed bug with color
-reduced trailer variant in trailer dealer

Version v2.1
-added slots for position lights (ISO chassis)
-remodeled position Unipoint lights with lightmask
-fixed bug with bad model rotation on rear reflective tables
-fixed bug with bad model rotation on chassis (ISO chassis)
-fixed invisible parts on Europoint II lights
-fixed position for tool box (ISO chassis)
-fixed bad mapping on holder sides
-fixed license plate
-fixed baked texture (2 axle chassis)
-fixed shine fakeshadow

The model can cause FPS drops

model and textures: Mirusox, skins on ISO container: Juro, kazan 1234

Ownable_DIN_and_ISO_trailer_v2.1.rar – 41231180


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