Changelog for v. 1.8
– Fixed errors in job generation definition files;
– Updated all 195 truck skins, 2x higher resolution now;
– Some quick job trucks now will use Michelin DLC wheels,
– Some quick job trucks now will have curtains installed;
– Added dirty windshields for some quick job trucks;
– Added Vabis steering wheels for some DAF and Scania trucks;
– A bit easier game economy;
– Updated loading screens, added few new screens;
– Some changes to mod structure: removed some unnecessary files.
– 1200 variants of trucks (rhd and lhd) for quick jobs to select from;
– Every quick job truck now has its own technical condition;
– Almost all possible variants of chassis, cabins, interiors, now used in quick job trucks. More than 90% of default engines are represented;
– Mercedes Actros `14, Volvo FH16 2009\2012 and Iveco Stralis\HiWay now use new engines from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod. Also, all quick job trucks use real gearbox data from Snoman`s Gearbox/Differential mod (mod is integrated);
– Trucks differ by installed accessories: front and bottom grills, wheels, sunshields, headlights, mirrors, doorhandles, sideskirts and doorsteps;
– Correct badges, based on engine\chassis type;
– Reworked truck paint system: trucks will use SCS standard/metallic paint and custom skins for real logistic companies: A.K. Worthington, CEVA, Freya, Fiege, Kuehne Nagel, XPO Logistics, Panalpina, Schenker, Sovtransavto, Dachser, Emons Group, Logwin Logistics, Fercam, Willi Betz and Raben;
– 110 new paint colors for ai\quick job trucks and ai cars;
– Some trucks now have working interior lights;
– All trucks without integrated GPS have standalone GPS navigators;
– New loading screens;
– Mod is compatible with all map, cargo, trailer, graphic, sound and physics mods;
– More realistic economy, harder gameplay and more slow player level progress;
– More traffic on roads and it is more agressive;
– Some quick job trucks will now use Michelin DLC tyres or have curtains installed;
– Some trucks will have dirty windshields;
– Some DAF and Scania trucks will have Vabis steering wheels installed.
Mod is tested with ETS2 ver. 1.26.x and not tested on previous versions.

AlexeyP, Snoman, Alang7

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  1. Michael says:

    This mod Is great!
    unfortunately with v1.7 &1.8 my game crashes whenever I open Quickjobs
    Can you help?

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