Additional Customisation – TruckersMP’s largest Unofficial mod
This is a mod/tool that allows people with little or no save editing experience to create trucks and trailers with the same level of customisation that save editing usually offers, it is also easier and quicker than making a customised truck or trailer by save editing.

This mod allows you to create a modified or hybrid truck in-game and then go into multiplayer. Since this mod does not need a converter, editing existing trucks is as simple as activate the mod and go to the upgrade shop.

On an owned company trailer – only change the paint, do not change wheels.

Parts from all base game trucks, available on all base game trucks
Sounds, engine and transmission all able to be changed between trucks independently of each other
Trailer Customisation modified
Krone DLC Support
Might Griffin DLC Support
Daf Tuning Support
Able to upgrade a pre-existing truck/trailer, either stock or modified
Compatible with paintjob DLCs, however you cannot use DLC paints from other trucks
Company trailers in the trailer dealer, including non-standard doubles and triples
Triple trailer combinations (currently SCS box trailer only)
Fully compliant with the latest TruckersMP rules.


1_6_0b_for_1_34.scs – 15.1 MB

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  1. Edi_A says:

    Does work for 1.36?

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