NEW MERCEDES S-CLASS W223 (2022) MEGA MOD V1.1 – 1.47

New uptade
Hologram screen

My vehicle has been made with a long time and effort. It is a separate and different mode from the Mercedes mode that was shared before.

Those in the vehicle
4 different color interior options
4 different color and AMG steering wheel options
Realistic leather textures and bumpmap
AMG sound
Original engine and transmission options
Openable glass roof feature
4 different window opening animations
6 different multimedia and apple selection screens (You can change it with the entertainment and information toggle button)
8 rim options Brabus Mansory Amg rim options
2 different tire options
Brabus and Mansory body kit option
Spoiler and logo options
Police strobe and mercedes guard option
3 different interior lighting ambience options
Geardependent backup camera animation

yasin.calim berkay06 enescakir frkaygn

yasin.calim berkay06 enescakir frkaygn

Download Link: Download mod

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