Akokan Island – Grand Utopia Addon v1.1 1.49

Located south of Grand Utopia, Akokan is a French tropical island attached to the Grand Utopia region. As this territory is not very urbanised, the vast majority of the Akokanese population lives in Port-Méli, the main village. However, you will find several small remote hamlets, lost in the middle of an abundant and inhospitable nature. The island has been classified as a Utopian nature reserve. So, don’t forget your spare wheels because there, except in Port-Méli, few roads are paved. Expect rough roads through the wilderness, where you will need to use your best driving skills.

The island’s economy is based on several sectors of activity such as the timber industry, rock extraction and tourism. You’ll be delivering regularly to many local businesses, whether they’re located in Port-Meli or deep in the rainforest.

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