Alfaomega Map v1.6 (1.48.5.x)

Alfaomega Map – this mod add a fictional island to ETS2 players. Adds new areas, cities, roads, and other features to enhance the gameplay experience. With Alfaomega Map, players can explore additional regions in countries like Spain, Portugal, Andorra, and Gibraltar. The mod features detailed landscapes, realistic road networks, and various types of environments. It also includes custom-designed cities with unique landmarks and buildings.

Features Alfaomega Map:
– The map is on a 1: 1 scale and works on a separate module.
– Currently contains 16 cities;
– Many kilometers of roads to explore;
– All DLCs required

Changes in v1.6:
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.48;
– added Tucana region with 5 new cities;
– reworked cities: Omega, Beta & Kappa;
– refreshed road No.7 between Beta & Omega;
– refreshed A1 highway between Omega & Alfa;
– doesn’t require West Balkans DLC.

Tested on game version 1.48.5.x


Download Link: Download mod

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