Berdyansk Road to the Sea of Azov v0.6 1.50

Changes on the map in version 0.6
– Adaptation for version 1.50.x
– Added a section of the route from Polog to Tokmak
– Four new settlements
– Some (old) road sections and areas have been updated.
– In the future, other outdated (from the first versions of the map) road sections will be updated.
– Small bugs found have been fixed.
– The designation of the city of Berdyansk has been removed from the navigator map so as not to mislead players.The completion of the construction of this city is planned for release (1.0)

All DLC’s required for this map
The map is autonomous. Free. Map scale 1:1 & 1:19 scale choose one to your liking. Game version – 1.50.
More than 600+ real kilometers of roads. There are hidden roads.


Download Link: Download mod

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