Danny Map Add-on v0.1.2

This map is small but interesting. It does have it’s own set of challenges and it has some problems as well.
I drove this map for a while and I was able to drive through most of it. My main problem is to where this map is based on. By all indications, I believe it is based on what may be some small part of Italy.
But the map shows up on the east side of Poland in the world map in the game. So my question is this. Is this a mistake? or is it suppose to be this way.
I did have fun driving this map, it can be frustrating and fun at the same time. I drove some quick jobs with this map, so I was able to drive a good number if different trucks in different parts of this map. With all the trucks I tested, there was a few trucks that were not quite up to the challenge of this map. The Renault was one of them.


_ETS2Downloads.com_danny-map-add-on.rar – 56.4 MB

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