Ets2 Southeast Asia Map v0.1(1.45)

Southeast Asia Map – is a 1:19 scale map. The current version of the map is Ver0.1, which includes Songkhla Province in southern Thailand, the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore, a total of 3 countries and 52 cities
You don’t need to create a new archive, you can use your original archive normally. Can be combined with map mods including Road to Asia, Rusmap, MAPA EAA, Promods
1. The version of this map is 1.45, which can be used normally in version 1.45 and above
2. There is an image file named “Order” in the map folder, which must be loaded in the order in which the images are loaded.
3. This map requires all map DLC to use
1. Download the map mod
2. Open the compressed file, which contains maps, translations, and future plans for Southeast Asia maps, which are map files (required), translation files,and a text document (map future plans for Southeast Asia)
3. Put the file into the mod folder
4. Load the map mod in the order of the pictures
5. After loading, pull the map to the location of Southeast Asia
In the future, there will be the remaining areas of southern Thailand, central and northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Brunei, the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak), Myanmar, Vietnam, the Philippines, East Timor, Bangladesh and other regions


Download Link: Download mod

9 Responses

  1. R2B says:

    I like it. More know about developing how much phase. I wait come to Myanmar

  2. Wongchiucheong says:

    Thanks for leaving a comment here.We have been developing such this first initial version with 9 months already.And for your expectation that you want to drive to Burma,yes and we are pretty sure that we will develop in the nearest future with the highest effort and pace as we can do so

  3. driver says:

    hey check the garage in klang some invi terrain

  4. driver says:

    make the slove smoother not 60 degreess angle.

  5. Wongchiucheong says:

    All terrains are visible there, unless you mean there are some terrains coverage on the roads or prefabs. If this occurs, then we will try fixing that and there should be no slope greater than 50 degree

  6. driver says:

    just try to go in that garage in klang and move around

  7. driver says:

    i have seen trees near the road if you can leave your email ill mail you the pics

  8. Wongchiucheong says:

    tell in discord wongchiucheong#9226

  9. Oggmeista says:

    how to install correctly please, this is nothing like simple 1 file .scs mods, and i don’t see a guide or tutorial for these types of mod installs anywhere….thanks

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