Mario Map v12.7 for v1.30

This map contains Europe and Africa European countries. Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy. African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt & more…

– Updated for v1.30
– 50 new cities
– 2 new countries
– New road textures in Africa
– More gas stations
– More trucks dealers
– Fixed bugs
– Added pyramids in Egypt
– Including new weather mod

Installation: extract all 7 parts to mod folder.
Then activate all parts in game and start.

It may take a few minutes to load because the map is large.

Marc25, Mario Bogdanov, Victor1990

Download Link: Download mod


11 Responses

  1. Wallace says:

    Qual é a senha

  2. Gop says:

    Not complete

  3. Czarus says:

    No complete where is part 2 ??

  4. RX says:

    In 30 minutes don’t load.Where is the problem?

  5. Ribun says:

    hi, that’s works on v1.30.2.9 ???? cause i installed right but window load crash….

  6. Sam Viper says:

    I found 2 mistakes in Rio de Janero!
    A tree looks out from under the highway bridge and you can not use the second lane. And under the bridge is still a parking lot you can not start, because the roof is too small for a truck. It would be nice if the errors would be fixed at the next update. Thank you in advance otherwise the map is running properly

  7. Sam Viper says:

    The January update is not running anymore and the old map 12.7. is not working anymore! That’s really a pity. I am always indicated that it depends game stand.

  8. Sam Viper says:

    Hello Mario Team!
    I tried the new version 12.7. to install, unfortunately without success it does not run and the card crashes every time. Unfortunately, I lost all my data, my game level and all my money. Cry !!!
    Okay, now I have the 12.5. New Installed and it works Perfectly and the loading of the old map is now much faster, it only takes a few minutes now.
    I hope you can handle this with the map, because the Mario Map is simply the best map in the game. 😉

  9. Sam Viper says:

    Hello Mario Team
    I wanted to ask when the Mario Map for version 1.31 comes or is there no update to 1.31? with friendly greeting Sam Viper

  10. Demom says:

    Do not know someone on MARIO1961

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