Current cities and areas:
– Bodø
– Bodø Sentrum
– Bodø Airport
– Hunstadmoen
– Hunstad
– Bertnes
– Tverlandet
– Saltstraumen
– Strømsnes
– Fauske
– Finneid
– Rognan
– Røkland
– Moskenes
– Å i Lofoten
New cities:
– Nordnes
– Russånes
Features and changes:
– Bodøtunnelen construction site changes on both sides
– Hurtigruten port added in Bodø
– New road between Røkland to Nordnes
– Road constructions on the main road into Bodø
– Improved scenery in Fauske, mostly now completed
– Renault dealer in Bertnes changed to Volvo dealer
– Volvo dealer in Bodø Airport changed to Renault dealer
New companies:
– Aria farm(Nordnes)
– AgroNord farm(Røkland)
– Drekkar Trans(Russånes)
– GNT(Fauske)
– Norrsken(Bodø)
– Norrfood(Bodø)
– Polaris Lines(Bodø)
Bugs and misc that are not fixed:
– Background map not added yet
– Setså village between Finneid and Rognan are not fully detailed
– Reine is not fully completed and detailed. No companies there yet. There will come soon
– The new road between Røkland to Nordnes are not fully detailed
– Some scenery missing on road between Moskenes to Å
Bugs fixed:
– Invisible wall in Fauske
– There is an airplane that spawns right next to another airplane landing in Bodø Airport so one has been removed, so you will see only one
– Sign in road next to GNT in Bodø moved out of the road
– Invislble wall found on road between Røkland to Nordnes
– Hole through scenery in Saltstraumen near the bridge
– 1.27x
– Works with all other mods other than map mods that are working in 1.27x


North-Scan_0994.7z – 128.4 MB

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