Promods 2.67 and West Balkans Merge v0.4 1.48.5

Changelogs 0.4
-Added original sound files from the DLC
-Cleaned up Adriatic sea cost, no more Promdos leftovers(Thanks to @bricksathome for giving me advice)
-Brought back visibility of Bischofsh from Promods
-Prokuplje and Užice are now visibe on the map
-Dubrovnik and Vukovar are now visible on the map
-Now two files, one map and def, load above MK Rework and second one is fix for Hybrid connections, load above Hybrid if you are using it

I am sure many of us want to explore new West Balkans DLC while having Promods map alongside. So I went ahead and made it possible

1) Adequate map background and/or zoom crash fix
2) Promods 2.67
3) North Macedonia Rework 1.5.2

Place ProMods 2.67 West Balkans merge and map combo fix above Hybrid and all other road connections and fixes in the load order.


Download Link: Download mod

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