Romania Map By Ionix 1.26 1.8

ChangeLog 1.8
Brasov-Sinaia-Targoviste (30% Finished)
Brasov-Campulung (5% Finished)

This Is The Final Version
So Why This Is Final Version For Many Reasons 1 I Didnt Have More Time To Work Not Because Of This But Because I Haved Sometimes School Online And I Limted To Stay This Computer 2 I Realize That Roads To More Hard To Work For Details And Takes To Finished Abouted 3 Weeks To 1 Month Depending For Times And Details 3 I Decide To Abandon Because For This Problems And I Worked For Roads And I Didnt Have Many Members To Making For Details To Work Only Me Worked For Roads
Now This Project Is Now Abandon Because Of Many Reasons I Could To Make More Details And Many Roads For Another City For Good Detaling And Driving To But Reality Exist
Now I Decided To Abandon This Project I Could Not Abadoning This Project To Making Roads But I Cant To Work Many Roads To Return This Beautiful This Project Abadoning For Last Version 1.3 Andu But Reality Exist
But Thats it For This News Because Was A Bad News And Sadly News But Guys Thanks To Dowloading This Map For New Version
So Guys Thanks To Support Me To Return This Project So Guys Take Care For You Guys
So One
Bye Bye And Enjoy This Map (:


Download Link: Download mod


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  1. mariustlc7 says:

    Hey, do you know why is crashing when i make a new profile with the map? Thanks!

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