Better Raindrops v1.4.1 + Addons – 1.47

update v1.4.1 (both for ATS and ETS2):
– Improved car splash trails (more randomness and less brighter texture)
– Changed outside rain texture
– Truck Addon (It is a sub-mod that triples number of raindrops but ONLY FOR ETS2 SCS TRUCKS)
– TSRM fix (for SCS Truck Sounds Reworked MEGAPACK)

Known issues:
In Base mod some drops will spawn beyond side windows and hang in the air. This was done on purpose specifically to reduce particle density on them and will be noticeable only with the lowered windows. If you don’t like this effect delete truck folder located in better_raindrops_v1.4\def\vehicle\

If you experiencing performance issues after installing Truck Addon, try to reduce traffic by entering console command g_traffic 0.5. Change the number to find optimal balance between amount of AI cars and your FPS in the rain


Download Link: Download mod

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