Containers Pack Project by Arnook v15.0 (1.47)

Changelog :

V15 : 23/05/2023

– updated the mod to be compatible with game version 1.47
– Added 10 new skins to the new 20ft & 2x20ft Flatrack container
– Added 5 new skins to the new 45ft HC Flatrack container
– Reworked the entire model & 10 skins of the 40ft Flatrack container (now a standard cube)
– Reworked the cargos models & textures for all flatrack containers : stacked containers, big box, planks & bricks
– Fixed mat errors from previous versions
– Adapted all flatrack cargos defs to the new cargos (ingame names & masses)
– Added the new 20ft, 2x20ft & 45ft flatracks to the traffic
– Updated the no-Krone DLC traffic addon

Game versions compatibility :

– V15 is compatible with ETS V1.47

Features :

– Full compatibility with the SCS, Krone, VAK V-Slider & Schmitz S.CF chassis configurations (HCT, B-Link, singles, doubles, flatbeds, etc… everything that uses 20ft, 2x20fts, 45fts and/or 40fts)
– Available in the freight Market & for owned trailers
– About the 45ft containers : you can only use them if you own one of the two new dedicated 45ft chassis available (new variants for the SCS chassis), they are NOT available for the freight market
– The skin-selection is made randomly by the game (same system as SCS’s original containers)
– All container variants in traffic
– Supports both default & custom dedicated cargos :
–> Default cargos : just use the same cargos as you usually do and the default skins will be replaced by mine
–> Dedicated cargos :search for “Box Container” OR “Box Container HC” OR “Reefer Container” OR “Reefer Container HC” OR “ISO Tank Container” OR “Flatrack container” OR “Open-Top container”, depending on the type of container that you want

” I have selected a reefer/flatrack cargo but I got regular box containers, why is that ??”
The SCS system for containers is as follows : each cargo has ONE NAME and is automatically available for ALL container types/lengths (i.e : 20ft, 2x20ft, 40ft in the base game. This mod adds the 45ft length) provided it is listed in the “container” category. I CAN’T limit it to one or two length(s) only, if I had done so and chose not to add models for specific lengths, then if someone went ahead and chose a chassis using a different length (in that case : 20ft, 2x20ft or 45ft), then that person would end up with an empty chassis when picking up the job (no container, since no model was specified by me).
To avoid empty chassis on all the new cargos that this mod adds (reefer, box container, box container HC, flatrack, open-top, tank container), I chose to add the models for OTHER containers that I had available that fitted the length but not necessarily the right type (reefer and flatracks for example).

–> For example : I only have the flatracks available in 40ft (for the moment at least), to avoid empty chassis on 20ft/2x20ft/45ft, I added regular container to these lengths for the flatrack cargo.
When I’ll add the next flatrack lengths, I will remove the inappropriate container types for this cargo.

This solution isn’t perfect, but I still prefer a different container, not corresponding to the cargo, than to deceive the users of this mod and have them haul empty chassis which are not fun.


Mod manager :


Arnooks SCS Container Skinpack – VAK 45 addon (optional)

VAK Trailer files (trailer + VAK container V-Slider to Krone DLC addon by Kast – optional)

Arnooks Container Pack – Train Add-On (optional)

Arnooks Container Pack V15

Schmitz S.CF container chassis (optional)


IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE KRONE DLC : please download the additional file and replace the file that is in def/vehicle with the new one (traffic_storage_trailer_semi.arnook.sii)

Credits :
Base containers : SCS Software
Mapping & Multilook adaptation (20ft, 2x20ft, 40ft, 40ft Reefer, 20ft & 40ft Tanks) : MDModder
3D, new chassis, Cargos, Mapping & Multilook adaptation (20,2x20ft,40 ft Open Op, 40ft High Cube, Flat Rack High Cube, 45ft HC PW + reefer) : JUseeTV
VAK 45ft Add-on : Prutser17
Skins, defs & everything else : Arnook

Special Thanks to : MDModder for his help with the mapping & multi-look, Julian/JUseeTV for providing the 20ft & 2x20ft & 40ft OT, 40ft HC/reefer, 45ft HC PW/reefer, 45ft chassis & Flatracks models; Ogentor for his help with the ADR plates; Prutser17 for his help with the VAK 45ft add-on and to Kast for allowing us to release it, KrysEmlyn for making and sending the AI Train Add-On, Carl1992 for all the help with codes, traffic,etc., NARS for the help with the default cargos, Niepa (<3), Tristan, Nico, Csabee and Julian for beta-testing


Download Link: Download mod

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