Cargo trains in Europe vary in maximum length according to infrastructure and equipment used.
Finland operates trains up to about 60 wagons, while France operates trains up to only about 20 wagons. Other countries operate somewhere in between.
(SCS cargo-train wagon count is 6-10. To provide a telltale for this mod, the minimum CARGO wagon count is 11.)
This mod affects passenger trains slightly.

For persons more familiar with North American freight trains (like me), many other significant differences exist. A few examples follow:
– Most of Europe’s railways are electrified, so pantograph and third-rail locomotives are more plentiful and more powerful than diesel-electric locomotives.
– Most European trains move people, many at high speed. Cargo trains share tracks with passenger trains, which take priority.

Not being familiar with European trains, I had to do some research, which probably has flaws. Please post corrections.

Eddie Yantz

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