Reale Company Scandinavien Part 4 Finale v1.4

Here the fourth and first last match, eight new companies. (Night shift :))
Tested with DLC Scandinavia 1.17,1.18 and TSM 6.0 I can not say if they are running in the Promod.
Bjork = Björträ GNT = Börjes, konstnr = Skanska, norrsken = Nortrail, ns_chem = Univar,
polar_fish = nordic_seafood, renar = polar_logistik and sag_tre = sandas.
In addition, the mod u_Reale_Firmen_Scandinavien.scs the ContainsReset the company is that you already have and
is now packaged properly, copy and activate only in the modfolder.
For those who can not grab it even I have 2 folders created where the finished mods are included,
once with the 3 companies ns_oil, Polaris lines and vestas_power and even without the 3 companies.
Agro north for 3 companies container_port and vpc I have no originals found, maybe you can indeed times
Search and let me know.
Upon request, I have renamed the ferries Stena Line and Fjördline.
The Statoil petrol stations are u_statoil_tankstellen in a new outfit from Statoil, white-orange.
For the three mods Statoil, Stena Line and Vestas I need still your help, as are neon signs
like Ikea that I can not change, would be nice if someone would take over and the mods then
hochläd again. Thanks in advance.
allabouttrucksim I’ve already written, unfortunately without success.
If it does not let them away or take them that way.
The u_ stand in front so that the load mods before TSM map.
How to add the mods together is described in the ZIP file.
The following mods are then named in parts, so you’ll get it little by little until everything is finished.
The company Ikea of ??allabouttrucksim fits.

by dombro – 54.4 MB

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