TRUL ETS2 spring 2015 v1.16

It is a mod of Spring “TRUL-ETS 2-spring-2015” v.1.16
Mod tested with the original map, mod also works with the map “promods-V191

NOTE: The mod does not work on versions of the game v.1.17
The mod can be placed in other fora, provided the full description.

Mod is a comprehensive, ie. That changes not only the appearance of the trees but also the weather and sounds.
The diversity of the trees relative to the original increased four fold.
We’ll see flowering trees, flowers and grass, and shaded areas of the forest to see the remnants of snow snowdrops and crocuses.
We will not see for a sheaves and briquettes hay, straw because it is not this time of year, and no mowing combine in return are hares.
Changed the appearance of the sky, sunrises and sunsets, and added many sounds like. Louder the thunder, birds singing, etc.
All this intensifies the feeling of spring.

I recommend first start of spring fashion on the original map to see how it looks and what changes have occurred, and then possibly start your fashion and maps.
Each additional mod and mod map can vary the spring which is unfavorable in some cases, the game may hang.

INSTALLATION: After unpacking run the installer fashion.


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