Addon Custom Parts v2.1 1.49

Changelog 2.1
-Added Daf 2021
-Added Daf XD
-Added ALL engine for ALL trucks
-Added Custom parts for Tirsan DLC

To use the mod you need modify IN OFFLINE.

For “ownable freight market trailers” that contain cargo (car,van e truck transporter), you can select only 1 at a time, if you want to change, exit the trailer dealer and select another one.
It was made to facilitate the job of making save edit, I made it according to the parts I would use and use in my trucks.
I’ve only left parts that are compatible, that don’t fly off or are totally disembodied.
In addition to custom parts, this mod includes ownable freight market trailers, so you can buy trailers that aren’t available from the trailer dealer.


Download Link: Download mod

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