BC-Belka Accessory – 1.48.1

Update 2.5.2
Edited/updated accessory installation list (Kast chassis support)
Corrected “Austria” continent plate
Corrected 6led strobe glow
Added vertical variant of “Gylle” markers
Reworked Volvo FH3 Johnny slots:
Fixed/added new slots on lightbar (low cab support)
Added slots on spoilers + raised options for low and medium cabs
Added chassis grille with cutouts for Hella 220 installation
Edited bumper protection slots
Added low bumper with cutout for Hella 220 installation
Added side marker mounts for 6×2.8×4 chassis
Added sideskirt option with slots for 4×2 chassis
Added taillight option with slots for 4×2,6×2 chassis

Modification includes:
Was Parts products; High beam headlights: Hella 220,Pollux9,Castor7,Intense9; Roof Beacons; Roof Bibendums (24,30,40cm); Hella Double Burners; Lollipops under mirrors; “Gylle” Side Horns; Rear Lights (Ecopoint 1/2, Europoint 1, Stands Led); Work Light Lights; Position/Marker Lights; Custom license plate kit (Frames, lettering, numbers, license plate mount, license plate illumination); Volvo,Scania drivetrain lights (old/new versions); Torpedo drivetrain lights”; Visor lights (Scania Next Gen only); Nameplates (Super,Besser and others. .); Volvo F/FH,Intercooler,V8 decals; Front mudflaps in 3D; Trailer mudflaps (only for Krone DLC); Plates (Ecoclass,Michelin,Continents,TIR,ADR,oversized,70,80,90,arrow,brick), Reflective strips,plates,triangles; Roof antennas, Some set of slots ….



Download Link: Download mod

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