Bennekeben’s Lowerd RJL Chassis for Scania R & Streamline.
mod version 1.0 – Tested on ETS2 1.18

Created by Bennekeben

It is Not allowed to Re-Upload this mod to other Sharing Platforms.
If u want to share , use the orignal link only.

U need to have RJL’s scania r & streamline modifications mod to make this mod work.

Chassis created by RJL.
Reworked by Bennekeben
Created 2 Styles of Lowerd chassis for All Chassis included in his mod.
Also a small extra ”
created a few custom mudflaps for the rearbumper.
added the reworked ventyres wheels Red,Black,Blue,White
U can find the chassis in the shop at the chassis section.

Make Sure this mod is Listed below the mod of RJL!
the zzz_ infront of the name should fix this automaticlly if u didnt change the name of the original mod.
if not add more zzzzzz infront of the mods name.

Right-click mod >Select Rename > add more zzzz_ > enter button

Bennekeben , RJL

zzz_Bennekebens_Lowerd_Scania_RJL_Chassis_mod1.0.scs – 276.7 MB

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