DAF XG+ Tuning Combo v1.1

This mod contains most alternative pieces to the original ones. These enrich the choice for modifying only your DAF XG+

I modified and added the following objects:

Red and white interior
White red steering wheel
red and white seats
red and white seats with closed passenger
red and white door interior
Interior door with red and white glass
Sunshield extended paint *
Premium paint extended sunshield with led (created by 0 :D) *
Front Mirror Extended (plastic)
Plastic paint front grille *
Painted front grille *
Full paint front grille *
Low plastic paint front grille *
Painted low front grille *
Full paint low front grille *
Rear Fender paint
Rear Fender top Paint
Rear Fender 6×2 paint
Rear Fender top 6×2 Paint
Paint logo
Paint logo with led
Original logo with LED
Roof Deflector open
Sideskirt FTS / FTN *


Download Link: Download mod

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