2021 MB Actros 5 460 OM470 Sound Pack v1.0 1.49

All sounds from the MB Actros MP5 have been professionally recorded using studio audio equipment, such as the engine, all interior sticks, switches and tones, the gearbox, the air-brakes, …

The sound pack is compatible with the Actros MP4 by SCS, Schumi or Galimim, the New Actros by Dotec and the Actros MP5 by Actros 5 Crew, for all engines available.

It’s recommended to turn off the “reverb effect of the cabin” in the audio settings of ETS2!


Download Link: Download mod

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  1. иван says:

    какой пароль ?

  2. иван says:

    What’s the password?

  3. Baris says:

    What is the password of the file?

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