Wind, Tire & Trailer Effects Pack

Authentic wind sounds: Feel the breeze as you hit the road! The mod presents a variety of wind sounds, carefully recorded to capture the subtle nuances of the interaction of the wind with the cab of your truck, creating a more dynamic and exciting driving experience.
Improved tire acoustics: feel the roar of the road beneath you! The mod includes improved tire sounds on different surfaces, including asphalt and gravel, so that every journey will be filled with authentic sound details.
Trailer Rumble: Immerse yourself in the realism of cargo transport! Our mod adds realistic trailer noise, transmitting the unique sounds of your cargo in motion. In addition, feel the heart-rending sounds of tires slipping, which will give your driving a new level of intensity.
Immersive Sound: High-quality recordings ensure that every sound is as realistic as possible, allowing you to be right in the driver’s seat.
A variety of soundscapes: from the quiet whisper of the wind to the loud rumble of tires on gravel – experience a rich palette of sounds.

For version 1.48.x



Download Link: Download mod

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