Ekeri Full Trailers Revision Addon v1.2 1.50

Changes in v1.2:
-Converted for game version 1.50
-Rebuild Zepro lift added
-Stickers added to the rear (OF Ekeri & Net Zero)
-New rear mudflap option added Ekeri Sverige
-City trailer rear axle now turning/steers
-Hook height adjusted for dolly and mid axle trailer

(Addon for Ekeri Trailers Revision mod)
-Draw-bar Trailers with various lenghts and configures + optional 350mm extension on drawbar
-2 Centre-axle Trailers
-8 Draw-bar Trailer with r19.5 wheels
-6 Draw-bar Trailer with r22.5 wheels
-Drawbar splitted from chassis and added 2 variants (VBG&Rockinger)
-Frame etc paintable on default paintjobs


Download Link: Download mod

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