Ownable SCS Fuel Tanker – 1.46

Trailer and semi-trailer with double hitch.
Transportation of flammable fuels and lubricants (POL).

Mod features:
The mod is fully converted from ATS to ETS2.
Game log cleaned up to 100% – percent.
Complete trailer optimization in the ETS2 environment.
Sold by property at trailer modification dealer – DNA Transport.
Completely autonomous.
Has a chassis with single and double hitch.
It has a tank with chrome support, painting and an obsolete version.
Supports 9 high-quality skins for 4K format.
Tuning is missing.
Registered own cargoes from ETS2 – (kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel, oils, etc., etc.)
Full support for coupler simulation and dual cable coupler simulation
Cable support only from ETS2
Tested on ETS2 version: 1.46.x
It will also work on the previous version 1.45!
Don’t forget to leave an honest review in the PM of our community.
All smooth roads and a pleasant journey!

DNA Transport, Master_Yoda

Download Link: Download mod


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