DAF XF 95 v8.0 [1.40]

Changelog v8.0
Adaptation of light under 1.40
Restored original engines, gearbox, chassis and cabin.
Now in the kit there are 4 chassis, 4 cabins, 2 engines and transmissions. 2 interior.
The model is adapted from version 1.36 from the author Bogdan Kosolap (Vinzel)
Fix the mirrors and lit up in the windows failed, who can do the archive open.

Fully autonomous truck and 3 own trailer
Quality 3D models
Includes 2 trailers with their skins.
4 cabin,
4 chassis,
2 engine,
2 box.
2 interior

Advanced hitch
Skins are put
Custom license plates
-Mal axis trailer
High quality light masks
Own wheels included
Animation of windows
Support cables
Own pack of light
Added painted front grilles and 2 options for the front DAF logo.

Original truck model Bogdan Kosolap (Vinzel). Update Konstantin Nikolaevich Nikolenko Sounds adapted Renmag, Subarik.Adaptation of the model from 1.36 to 1.40: Xenon

Download Link: Download mod


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