Next Generation Scania P | G | R | S v2.6.1 by Eugene – 1.50

Next Generation Scania P G R S – this is a remake of the default Scania R & S Series from SCS Software. A lot of elements have been redone, new tuning details, textures, engines and more features have been added. Mod replaces the standard trucks from the game and the trucks in the “agency orders” are also redesigned. The pack includes P & G Series and other stuff added, such as new chassis, sideskirts, roof spoilers. Overall, these new trucks represent a significant step forward for Scania in terms of both technology and design. They are expected to be a popular choice among commercial drivers and fleet operators.

Features Next Generation Scania P G R S:
– Booths – Kraker, Ekeri, NTM, VAK, Närko
– Appropriate tuning parts for box booths) – NTM, Ekeri, NTM, VAK, Närko
– 11 tandem chassis
– VBG and TAV hook
– Side shields and skirts
– Caps on wheels Domar
– Caps on wheels Parlok
– Reversing lights on thresholds
– Hydro board Zepro
– 4 refrigerators Lumikko, Thermo King, Carrier
– Cable support

– Tuning accesories present

– Various paint jobs, including metallic and custom skins;
– Customizable interior features, such as steering wheels, seats, and dashboard accessories;
– Working dashboard instruments and displays, including digital speedometers, fuel gauges, and warning lights;
– Functional mirrors with realistic reflections;
– Options for additional lights, beacons, and other exterior enhancements;

Changes in v2.6.1:
– Adapted to the latest game patch 1.50 (Unofficial Update);
– Fixed texture bugs.

Eugene, Yukine, FierbetoN

Eugene, Yukine, FierbetoN

Download Link: Download mod

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