Tuning Parts For MAN 2020 GX Cab 1.49

Included Parts
Roof Grills [03] [Painted]
Bottom Grills [02 – With Variants ] [Painted]
Front Badge [Carbon]
Front Bumper [Painted]
Front Intake Bar [Painted]
Front Intake Cab [Glossy / Mat / Painted / With Double Burner]
Front Intake Chs [Painted]
Front Light Cover [Painted]
Front Logo [Painted / Carbon]
Roof Horns L & R [02 – Painted / Chrome]
Full Painted Mirror [With 2 Variants Light ]
Painted Door Handle
Painted Filter
Roof & Side Deflector With Red Lights
Side Panel [Painted]
Front Wind Frame [Painted]
Middle Exhaust [ 4×2 , 6×2 , 6×4 ]
Door Step [Painted]
Sideskirt & Chassis Cover [4×2 , 6×2 , 6×4 ]

Compatibility With
MAN TGX 2020 (SCS)

Harsha Customs

Download Link: Download mod

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