SFX EVR Scania Streamline R410 E6 v1.0.2

– Engine sounds for single and online play.
– Real broadcast sounds are available in the package.
– All switches, buttons, indicators and levers in the cabin are 101% identical to the original Scania R 6 series.
– Electric windows.
– Real Holset Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) sounds. Features of actual truck operation are included, such as acceleration and deceleration rates, full-load and part-load differences, drive noise, pump noise, and turbine air damper noise typical of Opticruise transmissions.
— Original pneumatic horn from Scania.
– Four transmission sounds are available in the package: Opticruise GRS 895R, 900R, 905R and manual transmission with real interior sounds.


Download Link: Download mod

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